Amazingly Simple Wine Opener

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Stuck with opening wine bottles?

This amazingly simple wine opener is the one that you are looking for! It allows you to open a wine bottle hassle-free within seconds!

Easier Than Ever

Imagine a party in which your guests or you are struggling to open a wine bottle. It will be a challenge, right? We have the perfect solution!

This wine opener helps you open any wine bottle with almost no efforts! The best part is that even people who suffer from arthritis will find it very helpful.

With this simple wine opener, all your guests will be delighted and surprised.

How to Use

The cork stopper holds a lot of pressure, making it difficult for people to open the bottle. As a first step, you have to pierce the cork with the Teflon needle in the opener.

Once you have pierced the cork, apply a little pressure in a gentle manner.

Voila! You can see the cork come with the opener. This is the easiest way that you could ever imagine!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This amazingly simple wine opener can work with any size and type of wine bottle. It is a universal opener that can be handy for everyone.

It is crafted professionally with high-quality materials and safety in mind.

The needle is made of food-grade Teflon and lasts longer.

The handle is made of ABS material which can hold any pressure that you apply while opening.

The PMMA clear cover allows you to observe the needle visibly. All the parts including handle, needle and cover are made of durable materials to ensure safety.

You don’t need fumes or gas for the air pressure pump to function as expected.

Say good bye to broken cork pieces. No more pulling or twisting the cork. Open wine bottles like magic!

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Let your wine bottles open easily!

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