Sport Water Bottle with Mist Sprayer

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Still using an ordinary water bottle?

Upgrade to the Sport Water Bottle with Mist Sprayer - a pressurized mist sprayer, hydration and camp shower in one!

Unlimited Uses

It can be used as a sprayer during various activities. You can use it while you water plants, clean braces, do irrigation, do haircuts, do cleaning jobs, etc.

You can even use it to keep your pets cool or to put out fire easily.

Athletes, cyclists and other sports buffs will find this water bottle useful.

If you want to quickly rehydrate your skin or body, this bottle comes in handy.


The bottle is so flexible that you can squeeze it single-handedly.  It comes with a loop for easy carrying. Whether you want to have a gym workout or do some outdoor activities like cycling, you can easily carry this anywhere.

It is lightweight yet highly durable.

This Sport Water Bottle with Mist Sprayer is designed to allow high flow of water for hydration purposes. It also sprays a gentle mist to keep you cool and refreshed.

Safety Guaranteed

This water bottle is made of BPA-free material, so your safety and satisfaction is guaranteed. You can dismantle it for cleaning and assemble it without a hassle.

You can clean this water bottle with normal brushes. No special care is required.

Is your friend or a family member a fitness freak or a sports person? Present this awesome water bottle as your special gift!

This sport water bottle is a must-have for anyone who lives an active lifestyle. It is not only a simple water bottle; you can use it as a sprayer for your other hobbies like gardening.

Let this water bottle hydrate you after your physical activities and refresh you with a refreshingly cool mist forever!

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