Space-Saving Ice Cube Maker

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Having a hard time extracting the ice cubes on trays?

Well, this Space-Saving Ice Cube Maker is here to help you!

Compact design

This great ice maker holds up to 120 cubes that can replace up to 10 traditional ice cube trays which can undeniably save space in your freezer. You can now have more space for food in your freezer.

Its double chambers, the inner and outer chambers are the special features. The outer chamber is the one that freezes the ice cubes and this chamber is made of flexible blue food-grade BPA free silicone.

The inner chamber is a solid one that stores your ice cubes. Also, the outer chamber has a designed texture that helps you easily get or break up your cubes from this ice maker.

Easy to use and clean

This product isn’t something you need to throw after you use it or replace after few uses. Because this is reusable, you can refill it again and make more ice again for many more times. And this is a dishwasher safe product, which it is safe to just rinse this after you use it if it’s not that dirty.

Handy and portable

When you are not using this ice maker to store ice in your freezer, you can use this to keep bottled beverages cold and also, you may even want to fill it with your favourite ice cream.

While this can hold enough large batches of ice cubes, this ice maker is handy where it can fit in a cooler during your outdoor activities.

So why will you stick with that traditional ice cube trays of yours when you can have this Space-Saving Ice Cube Maker?

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