PerfectRing® - Wearable Smart Ring

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PerfectRing® - Wearable Smart Ring

Get the latest technology in your fingertips with the PerfectRing® Wearable Smart Ring!

The PerfectRing® Wearable Smart Ring is a smart ring that serves as a smartphone, a key, a health device, a data gadget—all in one! It is both fashionable and smart!

Who would ever think that there is more to a simple ring on your finger? Now, technology has made it all possible with this PerfectRing® Wearable Smart Ring! It is waterproof, doesn’t require a power supply and is simply efficient!

Secret Key

This PerfectRing® Wearable Smart Ring can serve as key or remote control for your doors. You need not charge it. It will not or malfunction in the rain because it is waterproof!


This smart ring also serves as a link to your smartphone! It can automatically launch tasks on your phone no matter how many times or how many applications! You can launch calls, music, settings, applications and others.

Health Device

The PerfectRing® Wearable Smart Ring is also a health device because it can track steps taken, weight, and even vital signs. It’s a perfect gadget for every health buff out there!

Transfer and Share Files

With the PerfectRing® Wearable Smart Ring, you can share and transfer information such as private messages, pictures, business cards and contact details or websites to another gadget or computer.

You can easily collaborate with data with just a flick of your ring finger.

Supports Most Phone Models

The PerfectRing® Wearable Smart Ring supports almost all phone models and all NFC-enabled windows and android devices.

What is NFC?

NFC means Near Field Communication, a technology present in this smart ring that enables it to perform its functions such as data transfer to other devices such as smartphones.

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