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It is not save to drive while you are texting, calling, or scrolling on your phone. Focusing on the road while driving is essential. Our smartphones and other gadgets are the causes why drivers lose their focus while driving and get themselves into an accident.

Our every day life is always busy. We always receive calls, messages, emails in day-to-day basis. We can’t avoid not checking our phone for updates, news, messages, calls, and emails. Even when driving, it just can’t be avoided that we need to answer those calls and messages. Placing our phone on the car without any holder is really annoying and unsafe for our phones and to the driver as well.

But now, you don’t have to worry that problem anymore. The Automatically Locking Windshield Phone Holder, Universal Fit is the solution for your phone needs while driving. It will be safer and more convenient to answer call and messages as well as sending them with this phone holder.


Simply place your phone on this Automatically Locking Windshiled Phone Holder, Universal Fit and it will automatically lock your phone in place. When releasing the phone from the holder, just simply push it.

The phone holder is designed for optimal viewing. The 360-degree swivel ball joint allows you the best positioning and viewing angle, whether horizontally or vertically.

This phone holder comes with a unique clip to loop your USB cable in place at the back of the holder for better cable managment. There will be no more searching and fumbling with your USB Cable and it’ll be easy to plug and charge.

Installing this phone holder is simple and easy; no need for complicated tools. The best part is that it is compatible with any kind of phone.

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