[4pc/set] Ruggies Carpet Mat Grippers - Non-slip, Anti Skid

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1 Set [Qty] = 4 Pieces

Ruggies are strong suction grips which are intended to be placed under rugs or mats to keep them in place.

The tacky grip polymer technology prevents rugs from sliding, bunching, or folding; no matter how slippery the surface. Ruggies grip strongly to the underside of rugs or mats and stick to the hard floor surface without glue or sticky adhesive, so there is no mess and no damage to the floors.

The house will be a safer place with this product, because they stay put no matter what. The secret of Ruggies is in its material composition. The tacky grip polymer technology holds the rug in place, while the hundreds of mini suction cups grip to the floor with ease.

This makes for no sticky mess, no hassle, and no floor damage. Ruggies are even reusable; all it takes is soap and water to wash them.

Thank to the super strong material that Ruggies are made out of, rugs and mats will no longer bunch up or cause people to trip and fall.

Ruggies solve the problem of rugs or mats that seem to always bunch up or curl up their corners.

Ruggies grip all mats and rugs securely and safely. Kids and pets can play around the house without the worry of them slipping or falling, because Ruggies make sure the rugs stay put.

This product helps rugs stay in place where they belong.

They're not just convenient and simple; but safe for the whole household. Ruggies are the only solution to rugs that like to slip and slide.

Every household should own a set of Ruggies, because everyone enjoys the décor of rugs around their house.


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