Invisible Lift Double Eyelid Stickers

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Achieve Double Eyelid Without Surgery


Monolid is pretty cute to look at but most mono eyelid people desire to achieve a double eyelid look.  A common misconception is that mono eyelids are not attractive but they won’t keep you away from the limelight! Achieving a double eyelid look is not a bad thing. Double eyelids can make you stand out instantly. You will be amazed when you put on this double eyelid stickers because it will transform your eyes dramatically!

Stunning Eyes? No Surgery Needed!

Double eyelid surgery is really expensive. Stunning eyes don’t need to cost you a lot of money. If you want to achieve stunning double eyelids, all you need is the Invisible Lift Double Eyelid Stickers. With these stickers, your dream of having glamorous double eyelids will come true! Get that stunning look that will make you stand out from the crowd by adding these stickers to your overall look.

The pack is 240/600 and will surely last a very long time. Full, larger and brighter-looking eyes can now charm anyone. Another benefit from using the double eyelid stickers continuously is it will incredibly deliver you permanent results. The results will make you want it more and make you use it continuously.

How To Use:

1.            Under your natural crease, apply the eyelid strip. Carefully peel it off using a tweezer.

2.            Press the tape strip onto your lid. You may use the flat end of the tweezer to get this done.

3.            Make sure it holds properly by firmly but gently pressing your fingers onto the end of the strip and hold for 10 seconds.

These double eyelid stickers are guaranteed and are proven safe to use. You won’t need any surgery anymore! These stickers are affordable and will give you instant effects. It is made to be makeup-friendly and are breathable strips.

Achieve stunning double eyelids instantly!  Buy Invisible Lift Double Eyelid Stickers now!

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