Safety Cut-Proof Gloves - Hands Protector!

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Safety Cut-Proof Gloves - Hands Protector!

Are you a green lover? Do you love gardening? Are you fond of working with your hands?

Do the things that you love without the hassle or injuries! Get this Safety Cut-Proof Gloves - Hands Protector!

The Safety Cut-Proof Gloves - Hands Protector ensures that your hands are well-protected from dust, dirt, moisture, heat, cold, sharp objects, thorns and splinters. It is a must that you protect your hands well if you are always using them. After all, you are using your two hands to do what you truly love, may it be gardening, carpentry, washing your car, cleaning or the like!

To prevent your hands from cutting, wear this hands protector. You don’t need to worry that your hands will be full of mud.

Stainless Steel Wire Labour Protective Gloves

Are you working with stainless steel? Then it is good that you wear this Safety Cut-Proof Gloves - Hands Protector for your utmost protection.

High Strength Fabric

The Safety Cut-Proof Gloves - Hands Protector is made up of high strength and durable fabric that will not easily tear away.

Anti-Cutting And Durable

Protect yourself from accidental cuts from thorns and splinters!

Anti-Static, Soft, Breathable And Easy To Clean

This Safety Cut-Proof Gloves - Hands Protector is made up of anti-static fabric that will not stick to most surfaces so that you can easily clean them

High Elasticity Fiber

The Safety Cut-Proof Gloves - Hands Protector is made up of highly elastic and durable fiber to protect hands from knives, glasses, stones etc.

Get the Safety Cut-Proof Gloves - Hands Protector now!

Product Specifications:

Material: Polyethylene fiber + Stainless steel wire

Colour: Black

Anti-cutting level: 5

Abrasion resistance level: 3

Tear resistance level: 4

Standard: EN388

Size: 245 x 160mm/9.64 x 6.29inch (L x W)

 Weight: About 115g

Functions: Anti-cutting, wearproof, acid and alkali resistance, anti-microwave, anti-static

Material Polyethylene fiber+Stainless steel wire
Color Black
Anti-cutting level 5
Abrasion resistance level 3
Tear resistance level 4
Standard EN388
SIze 245 x 160mm/9.64 x 6.29inch(L x W)
 Weight About 115g
Function Anti-cutting, Wearproof, Acid and alkali resistance, Anti-microwave, Anti-static

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