Fast Defrosting Thawing Meat Tray

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Defrost Meat Fast!

Have you ever been in a situation where you frost your meat that is meant to cook for later and forgot to take it out? After remembering that you are going to cook it, you then realized that when you took it out, its all frozen. Now you’re in a dilemma to defrost it fast, especially, if that meat is meant to cook on a special occasion for that day. 

You are looking for a faster way to defrost it but failed to, because there was no other way you can find that can defrost it quickly. But worry no more! With Fast Defrosting Thawing Meat Tray, it is guaranteed that defrosting will be fast and that you can cook that meat to a delightful menu.

Who needs it?

This Fast Defrosting Thawing Meat Tray is a must-have item in your household. There are times that you will have situations wherein you frost your meat that is meant to cook for later and forgot to take it out. When you remembered, you are no in trouble because it is rock-hard frozen and you have only little time to wait for it to defrost. With this tray, you won’t have to wait long for defrosting as it will only take a short time. This tray is also an ideal gift for housewarming, friends, parents, chefs, and to anyone whom you knew will need this.

How does it work?

The Fast Defrosting Thawing Meat Tray will defrost rock-hard frozen meats for you quickly. This tray will take away your worries and will bring wonders in finding a way or a solution to defrost your food in minutes.

This defrosting meat tray is made out of high quality thermal conductive material to speed up the thawing process dramatically. It works without the need of either electricity or batteries.

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