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Open Wine Quickly and Easily

Opening bottles can sometimes require you effort, because if you’re not a wine opening expert you’ll find it hard. With the Electric Wine Opener, removing synthetic and rubber corks have never been easy.

Using this wine opener, you can now look cool and classy while opening it. This will make your guests and friends think that you’re an expert when it comes to wine. This Electric Wine Opener is of top high quality and is proven to be safe and easy to use.

Modern Sleek Design

A stainless-steel exterior is featured in this beautiful electric wine bottle opener. The corkscrew mechanism is surrounded with a transparent shell that reveals all the secrets of opening wines effortlessly.

This electric wine opener allows you to remove cork quickly in seconds with no extra effort. This electric wine bottle opener is cordless and foil cutter is included for removing seals with just one turn of a hand.

You won’t need to spend a lot of time figuring how to open wines anymore. With this wine opener, it allows you to spend more time entertaining your guests and serving them a glass of wine. All you need is little effort and time to open that wine and serve it to your guest or just enjoy wine for two! 


The Electric Wine Opener is designed compatible with rechargeable battery.

In just 6-8 seconds you can finish opening a bottle of wine. When the wine opener is in fully charged batteries, it allows you to open over 30 wine bottles continuously.

Package Includes:

1 X Electric wine opener 

1 X Foil cutter

Notes:  When the bottle opener is working, please do not try to touch the screw as it can harm you.  Make sure to put away this wine opener away from your kids’ reach.

Opening wine will be more easy and quick when you purchase this Electric Wine Opener!

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