Dual Color Eye Shadow Stick

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Want to have a dazzling look wherever you go?

Want to but have sensitive skin to make ups?

Are you a beginner on make-up stuff and having a hard time obtaining a lovely eye shadow combination?

Dual Color Eye Shadow Stick might be the one you are looking for!

Achieve a glamorous eye shadow in just a minute with this Dual Color Eye Shadow Stick! It’s long lasting and effectively makes your eyes greatly attractive.

Try it now and be beautifully perfect!

This Dual Color Eye Shadow Stick is easy to use plus space-saving! With its approximately 11 x 8mm / 4.33 x 3.15 inch size and 8g weight, this product cannot take too much space in your bag so you can carry and apply it whenever you like and wherever you want.

Gorgeous you

This doesn’t only make your eyes look charming, it also helps brighten your eyes that reflect a glowing you. Moreover, it’s creamy and smooth texture fits your skin and protect the delicate eye skin.

Make up made easy

This can be a great start for the beginners, who are starting on making their face impressively attractive, with its easy way to use. It can also be used as a blusher. No hassle, less effort, and less time with this Dual Color Eye Shadow Stick!

The double color combination and the complete two-tone shadow bar build a three-dimensional eye make-up that you will not regret using.

Get a perfect eye shadow make-up for your date, work, and party look.  

Available in eight colors!



Product Specifications:

Net weight: 8g

Size: approx 11 x 8mm / 4.33 x 3.15 inch

Packing size: 5 * 5 * 2cm/1.9 * 1.9 * 0.7''
Colors: 8 colors

Material: Mineral powder


Affordable, convenient, and high-quality!

So what are you waiting for?

Buy this product now and pull off an enchanting look! Hurry while stocks last!

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