Cordless Hair Trimmer

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Most people find their body hair if grown long are annoying and uncomfortable. Trimming body hair is not an easy task, especially in areas such as eyebrows, ears, and nose. You need to be careful with trimming or shaving in those areas because of the delicate and sensitive parts of the body.

The task of trimming body hair is already hard, it is even more difficult to find a safe and good-quality hair trimmer or hair shaver. You won’t need to worry anymore about finding the right hair trimmer for you. With Cordless Hair Trimmer, trimming body hair will be easier and faster to do.

This Hair trimmer is an all in one trimmer for your eyebrows, ear hair, and nose hair.




•             Sidelines & Side Locks Shaver Trimmer.

•             Personal Face Care Stainless Steel Trimmer.

•             Microtouch Max, Rubber Non-Slip Grip, Micro Touch Hair Trimmer.

•             All In One Personal Trimmer Max.

•             Two Comb Attachments, Cleaning Brush, Requires AAA Battery.

•             Safe& Economic, Easy to Use.

•             Non-slip rubber grip.

•             Comes with a micro brush for cleaning.

•             Sharp razor.

•             Expensive shaver.

•             Pointy scissors.


This Hair Trimmer is cordless and rechargeable. It is easy and comfortable to use in trimming your body hair.

The Cordless Hair Trimmer includes Professional Hair Clipper and a durable+sharp adjustable razor. It designed with a Built-in high performance and high cutting battery.

This Hair Trimmer is made with the precision steel blade to ensure constant and precise cutting of hair.

Unlike other regular scissors and razors, this hair trimmer’s stainless blade is safe to the touch.

You won’t be needing an expensive hair trimmer when you can buy a Hair Trimmer like this. High-quality performance at an affordable price. You can perform your hair trimming at the comfort of your home with a professional touch.


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