Anti Theft Backpack with USB Charger

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Safeguard Bag from Thieves

Nowadays, there are many thieves out there waiting for their next target to attack and snatch your bag. Sometimes, they do it secretly or quietly. Other ways thieves can do to your bag our cutting, slicing, or simply pickpocketing inside your bag.

Most of the regular and ordinary backpack sold in the market are not theft safe.

This incident is more vulnerable in public and crowded place wherein you can’t avoid losing focus to your bag because of noise and many things going around.

Be SMART and PRACTICAL! Why do you need to buy a cheap but not theft safe bag when you can buy a high-quality and anti-theft backpack.

Worry no more! The Anti Theft Backpack with USB Charger keeps safe and holds just about anything you need.

The bag is designed stylish and comes with enhanced safety features (i.e. hidden zipper).  It is water and stain resistant, so you don’t need to worry about spills!

Backpack’s Special Features

  • Integrated USB charging port
  • Illuminating safety strips
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Weight balance
  • Luggage strap
  • Adjustable open angles
  • Hidden zipper closures
  • Advanced storage design
  • Shock-proof


The Anti Theft Backpack with USB Charger is the perfect backpack for yours. A great partner to your travel or daily activities.

 Your worries about theft in your backpack will be gone with this proven and guaranteed anti-theft backpack.

The best part of this bag is its USB charger feature.

 Ideal backpack for when traveling where you are in the middle of the travel and your phone is in low battery. You won’t need to find a source for charging, all you need to do insert your phone to the USB cable and voila!

This backpack is made from high-quality materials and is authentic and at an affordable price.

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